Part 1 of 4: Clarifying your goals

10 November 2019, 06:30

Often times when coaching, I notice that getting fully clear on a goal can take some time. Why? Often times people (including myself!) are side tracked by noise and other people’s opinions. This happened to me very recently and it only came to light in one of my own sessions with my coach. Below are...
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Trust me, you’re not the only one!

08 November 2019, 06:25

Recently, I gave a talk to a group of women in a high performing corporate environment. We spoke about the area of the power of self talk and the impact that this can have on ourselves. I shared my story of the impact of how constant negative self talk can have an impact and each...
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The Negativity Bias

01 November 2019, 06:23

Has anyone ever given you three positive comments but the fourth is a constructive or negative one and all you do is focus on the negative? This is negativity bias. Humans give more psychological weight to bad experiences than good ones. Some researchers believe that negative emotions have an impact...
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Bouncing back

18 October 2019, 06:21

Let’s face it, change is tough. Anyone who has ever tried to change something will have experienced the resistance that comes from within, from those around you who potentially do not want you to change and then you may have those who are completely outside your circle of trust who will throw a curv...
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That Impostor feeling

11 October 2019, 05:33

For most of us, these impostor moments are transient — often most acute immediately after accepting a promotion, starting a new job, or entering a workplace in which our minority status is obvious. For some, impostor feelings become more pervasive and begin to hinder performance. Harvard Business Re...
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Is failure always a bad thing?

27 September 2019, 05:29

When you hear the words ‘I/he/she/they failed’.. what springs to mind? Negative thoughts? They didn’t manage to achieve what they wanted to achieve? They fell short? But, do we always have to think as failing as such a bad thing? I’ve failed more times that I can remember, failed to hit goals, faile...
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The Himalayan Adventure

20 September 2019, 05:20

I woke at 2am to my tent shaking. We were at base camp at 5,000m for two nights and the weather showed no sign of improvement. It wasn’t due to bad wind that the tent shook, but it was our guides shaking heavy snow off each tent. Our first summit night was ruled out due...
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