Let’s face it, change is tough. Anyone who has ever tried to change something will have experienced the resistance that comes from within, from those around you who potentially do not want you to change and then you may have those who are completely outside your circle of trust who will throw a curveball to you that you just did not expect.

This happened to me in the past few weeks, I received a curveball. I am working on changing my mindset around certain areas in my world and at times I think I am growing in momentum. But on the other hand, my mindset at times meets the resilience to change and that is when I really need to work on my self-limiting beliefs. A couple of weeks back, the curveball arrived at a time when my mindset was surfing the self-limiting beliefs wave and truth be told, I almost allowed the curveball to throw me off the surfboard into the deep water of change resistance.

The curveball certainly made me wobble. I took it personally when in reality I needed to look at the bigger picture. Easier said and done when the initial reaction was an emotional one. And that it was! Full disclosure, I had a little cry! I questioned everything, I questioned what I was trying to change and if it was worth it. I asked myself if I thought if that’s what one person thought then perhaps others think the same. I was talking myself into a spin of negativity.

I gave myself 30 minutes and left the pity party that I was throwing for myself! I decided it was time to bounce back and show some resilience. So, I went to the facts. Was this personal? No. Is this type of curveball a theme? No. What have others said? Quite the opposite. Is this a reflection of you, Anne Marie? No. Can you learn from this? Yes. What are you going to learn from this? Plenty. Can you build on this? Yes.

Life is not supposed to be all rosey in the garden. Driving change from within is the same. At times you will get caught in the thorns of the rose bushes! It’s the time that you’re caught in the thorns that asks more of your resilience. But when you’re in the thorns, ask yourself how you can get out of it, how you can learn from this and build so that you don’t end up in the same thorns the next time! Sure, there will be thorns ahead on any personal change journey but each time you find yourself in the next set of thorns, ask yourself the same questions. Choose to learn from it, choose to grow from it and accept the scratches from the bushes for they will make you the incredible, unique human being that you are!

The Inside Out Coach