This week had me thinking differently about the current climate we’re in. It was triggered again when I was working with a 1-1 coaching client and while out for my run in a Dublin park this morning (all while social distancing of course!), I thought about it some more!

It is all around a tool we use when we’re coaching – reframing. But this week I described it as using the outside to look inwards.

While we can’t really bring our thoughts and our internal selves outside too much these days, we can reframe our thinking and look at our goals/actions/beliefs/values (the list is endless!) from a different outside lens.

  • What does it allow you to do?

To look at your thought/goal (whatever it may be) in a different light
It can allow a different perspective and see it as data or useful information
It often takes the ‘I’ or ‘me’ and the emotion attached to it out of the equation

  • Why do this?

We all can be our own worse critics and what we say to ourselves isn’t always what we’d say to others
It allows you to hear your suggestions and thoughts on an action/goal from a different perspective
It will often allow you to unblock what’s in your way when moving forward

  • How to do this?

Write down whatever you’re blocked with and really reflect on it, use it as data (remove the self judgment and emotion attached, view it as worthwhile data to help move you forward)
Look at what you’ve written down from the third person – don’t reference ‘I’ ‘me’ or ‘you’.
Use your first name as if you’re talking to someone else to start suggestions to overcome what you’re stuck with
Lastly, don’t limit your suggestions. When you think you’re done ask the third person “and what else?” It will feel uncomfortable but that’s where you’ll often get your biggest lightbulb moment!

Anne Marie
The Inside Out Coach