Over the past couple of weeks I immersed myself even more than my usual dosage into the outdoors and nature. Given the time of year, there can be a lot of excuses to stay inside. But, I needed to get out. I needed clarity.

So, I hit the mountains for hikes, mountain runs and when they weren’t options, I wandered through the countryside close to where I grew up.

Change and transformation takes time. It’s hard. It doesn’t come easily. Our bodies can often resist the transformation. Why? Because it’s easy to stay in our comfort zone blankets. Both on a professional and personal level, I hit some walls on a clear vision of where I wanted to go.

There are learnings and possibilities everywhere, you just need to open your mind to them. Nature and in particular, the mountains allow me to lean into these learnings and explore possibilities around me and within me.

  1. Going up the hills and the incline forces you to focus the mind and keep the breathing in check. Mindfulness at its best for me.
  2. Coming down the hills allows you to switch off a little more and allow thoughts to get some clarity on whatever you are faced with
  3. Nature is one of our greatest resources and allowing yourself to get into a flow with it allows the mind to wander and consider your possibilities
  4. Like a lot of things, including the hills and mountains, you have to push through the discomfort to find what’s on the other end. In order to transform, we need to push the resistance.
  5. It allows you to reset and realigned yourself

I find my clarity particularly in the mountains. Don’t give yourself the excuse of not liking the mountains so you can’t get clarity from nature. You don’t need to be fit. You don’t need to live in the countryside. There are parks everywhere, grab a seat on the park bench, close your eyes, fill your lungs with the air and let your mind wander into possibilities and what you want for you. I promise, it will be time really well spent.

Anne Marie,
The Inside Out Coach