Recently, I headed for the Wicklow mountains to build on my mountain skills. We got lost, we travelled on routes we never had been before. I turned the map around more times than a spin top. I used a compass and worked out direction, duration and journey… a skill that I’ll take with me in more than just the mountains in the future.

On my way home after that weekend and with a session on Developing a High Performance Mindset the following day with a corporate group, I started to think about the correlation of navigation, maps, a compass and high performing and high potential talent. A bit like mountain navigation, being a high performer you know you’ve got the skills, however sometimes you’re unsure of the route to for your next role. You trust the guidance you’ve got around you. You trust your mentors, you trust your leader, your team, you trust yourself and you read the surroundings to adjust, reassess or continue on the route you’re on. You continue or you change depending on the data you’ve gathered. In fact, this is very like mountain navigation.

Here are some of the overlaps I see between mountain navigation and high performers/high potentials

  • You have more skills that you think to bring you to where you want to get to
  • Trust and lean on your mentors and your team around you – a collective brain can be great, it can also help you see things from a different perspective
  • Keep your head up – in every sense. Look at what is around you. There’s always things to learn from. When you’re really unsure of where you’re going, that’s when relying on your tools, mentors, team and keeping the head up matters most.
  • Challenge, question and don’t be afraid to gain clarity – being around people who’ve a greater skill set in this area (or whatever area) helps you raise your game
  • If you don’t feel like you’re challenged to raise your game by the people around you…. Find yourself a new circle.
  • Get uncomfortable. That’s where the growth happens.

Anne Marie
The Inside Out Coach