When you hear the words ‘I/he/she/they failed’.. what springs to mind? Negative thoughts? They didn’t manage to achieve what they wanted to achieve? They fell short? But, do we always have to think as failing as such a bad thing?

I’ve failed more times that I can remember, failed to hit goals, failed at job interviews, failed at Stok Kangri more recently (albeit out of our control, it could be a ‘failure’). I’ve failed at relationships, I’ve failed at friendships, I’ve failed at many things along this journey that we call life. I failed countless times growing up learning how to walk, talk,
cycle a bike, swim, learn in school… you get the picture.

You see, we’ve all failed many times. Yet, we live in a society where failure is a negative portrayal. And even in more recent times in the wonderful world of social media, heaven forbid you’d share your failures. You’d share your vulnerability. You’d share that you are human. We all are that, human beings. Failure doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. We will always continue to fail, sure we’ll have our successes along the way that will be celebrated but maybe next time you fail think about what you learned from it. How can you apply what you learned from that failure to have another crack at it?

As a kid you didn’t just get up and walk one day. You, me, we all fell countless times before we were up on two feet pottering about as kids. I failed so badly at crawling I dragged myself across floors on my bum! True story. Did we let that failure of walking get to us? No. We subconsciously learned from where we went wrong and had another crack at it.

So, the next time you failed challenge yourself to see what you can learn from it. Believe me, there will be at least one nugget of information within that you can take from it. You just need to open your mind to see it.

The Inside Out Coach