egardless of where you are in the world, city, country or elsewhere, nature is all around us. Yes, even in the most built up cities there are parks, a small patch of greenery or birds to take advantage of. Unsure you can find a piece of nature in the most cosmopolitan of areas? Look up. There you go, connect with the sky.

Who is your greatest resource? You may not think it, but it’s you. The modern rat race life that we live in can often cut us off from our roots, from nature and leave us feeling that we are lacking resources to fulfil ourselves and then asking the questions…

“Is this what it’s all about?”

“There has to be more to life than this?”

Reconnecting with nature has the ability to really have a powerful impact on us. It allows us to be removed from the confinements of the office, of our homes and even of our limited beliefs within ourselves. It allows us to transform. It allows us to gain clarity. It allows us to connect to simplicity, to reset our minds and bodies to connect within, to ask ourselves questions, to allow our minds to wonder and think of all the possibilities that are within and around us.

You are your greatest resource. You have all the answers within in order to reconnect to you. The natural world can help you to transform your mind and body. It’s free, so why not cut off from modern life for 30 minutes today and connect to a wonderful and powerful tool to enable you to ground yourself.

Anne Marie,
The Inside Out Coach