Over the past two weeks we looked at Goals and Reality, the first two parts of the GROW coaching model. Once a goal and the reality (the actual reality based on facts!) is established, now it is time to look at your options. Often times when we are being coached, we cannot see the wood from the trees and then we are unable to see what options and possibilities lie around us, in front of us or behind us. At times, it will take a shift of perspective to see things differently. The options around us can help us look at potential in various situations or indeed, potential behaviour and or decisions that will move you towards your Goal that you established.

So, are you ready to assess your options?

If yes, these questions will enable you to self coach to bring you closer to your goal…

  • What could you do to change the situation?
  • What are the possibilities for action that you see (*Hint – at this stage, forget if they are realistic or not)
  • What approach/actions have you seen used, or used yourself, in similar circumstances?
  • What else could you do?
  • What if…?
  • Who might be able to help?
  • Which options do you like the most?… and what are the pros and cons to each of these?
  • Which options resonate most with you?
  • Which option will you choose to action? What will this action look like?

Next week will look at the final part of the GROW model…W, Will.

Are you still feeling stuck or challenged with your goal? Get in touch to arrange a discovery call!

Anne Marie,
The Inside Out Coach