In this final post on the coaching GROW model, we look at Will. The whole purpose of this final stage of this model is to transform and move the talk to the action. Like G (Goal), R (Reality) and O (Options), this too can be used with self coaching.

Given the work that you have done with gaining clarity on your goals, looking at what is the (actual!) reality and your options, it’s time to kick start your goals into action. With all change, it takes time, it will take responsibility to make the change, you will need to remain accountable and you will need to commit to your actions. Otherwise, this will have no value.

Ready to action your goals? Here are some self-coaching questions for you to ask yourself:

  • What option or options do you choose?
  • To what extent does this meet all your objectives or your goal?
  • What will success look like in relation to this goal?
  • What are your measurements of success?
  • When precisely are you going to start and finish each action step?
  • What could arise to hinder you in taking these steps?
  • Do you have an internal challenges in actioning these steps?
  • What will you do to eliminate these external and internal factors?
  • Who needs to know what your plans are? Can they support you? Can they act as your accountability buddy?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how committed are you in reaching this goal? If not a 10, what is preventing this?
  • What could you do or alter to raise this commitment closer to 10?

Like with most things in life, change and or reaching goals will have their ups and downs. This won’t be always linear. When roadblocks come or you’ve hit by challenge, return to your goal(s) that you clarified first.

Please don’t be shy in reaching out to me if you would like to learn more on how I can enable you to reach your own goals. Get in touch here.

Anne Marie
The Inside Out Coach