Thank you Anne Marie! Such a positive atmosphere and a fantastic group of individuals coming together. A space to be reflective and to bring forth inspiration and motivation from within. Thank you for helping me seek clarity and set goals based on my values.

Hike.Mind.Set group client

It came at a crucial time for me with everything that is going on at work. Our chats have helped me gain perspective, confidence and determination. You’ve a great ability to cox the answers out of people, even when there seems to be none. I usually leave our chats exhausted because you have challenged me so much to come up with new ways! I will have no hesitation advising my friends or colleagues to get in touch, you are excellent at your job! Finally, you’ve given me a lot to work with so thank you again for that.

1-1 client, Tech

I was considering a significant career change when I began my sessions with Anne Marie. My thoughts were clouded by stress, uncertainty and anxiety. I was held back by a fear of failures and a sensation of “there’s no way back”. I was stuck.
Anne Marie guided me in defining my own goals and in uncovering what I truly enjoy. Within a short time my thoughts had direction. She enabled me to distinguish between unreasonable, anxious thoughts and legitimate concerns. With time, the anxiety was replaced by excitement, and doubts transformed into challenges I was eager and prepared to overcome.
Working with Anne Marie I found clarity and self-confidence, which I’ll carry with me for years to come. She is a coach by nature and her style is adaptive to the individual. I can’t recommend The Inside Out Coach more highly

1-1 client, Financial Services

My time spent with Anne Marie was excellent. A clear communicator and a brilliant motivator. A coach, for me, is someone that simply provides a mirror to their client and allows them to see what needs improving. She did it better than anyone I’ve dealt with previously.

1-1 client, Health & Wellbeing

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