We all have different mountains to climb – physical, career, personal development, the list is endless. But, how often are we climbing our own mental mountains? Mountains around goals, mountains around mindset, self doubt, challenges, what we can’t do, what we want to do but fear failure, what we were told not to do and we feel the need to conform, the list goes on, and on… and on!

We’re human. It’s natural for our systems to want to stay in the fuzzy warmth of our comfort zone. But, how many times have we heard that no growth comes in the comfort zone? I get the fear, we’ve all been there! Our brains are telling us not to go with an idea but your heart and gut are telling yourself something completely different. It’s a tough place to be, how do you even go about dealing with that internal struggle? I know I spent years with my head consciously ignoring THAT instinct in my gut. It was only when I really took a step back and looked at what I really wanted, my system felt somewhat more aligned – it’s still a work in progress! How did this come about initially? Coaching and being coached with a view of the importance of my whole system – head, heart and gut.

It’s likely our minds and bodies will know what the summit of our own mountains look like. What it will look like when we arrive and what it will feel like. But, with a lot of our mental and internal summits it can be very difficult to find the path to the summit. The path might be overgrown or may not even exist. There may even be a number of paths and you don’t know which one to take, in case you take the wrong one.

How do you go about creating a path in your mind to get your summit? How do you cut back the overgrowth to make the path clearer? How do you pave a way? How do you know what trail to take? How do you deal with the setbacks, the doubt, the thoughts when reality sets in and the way to the summit gets difficult?

Through whole system coaching, it enables and facilitates the person to connect internally to what their heart, head and gut are signalling. This is a technique I use when self-coaching. It’s a powerful tool to make sure one part of my system doesn’t overrule the rest (like my head has done for many years on one area of my life!).

For someone who loves reaching summits of (actual!) mountains, there are numerous times that I had no idea where the path was, there were days when I fell (into a river – true story), there were countless days when the wind/rain/altitude (etc. etc.) battered me, there were times when I had to turn around and start over and decide to take these days as a learning. Mountains, mental mountains and life is far from plain sailing. But, what gets me to each summit is a belief that I can, it’s trusting my heart and my gut as much as my head, it’s breaking the summit into smaller goals, it’s (at times) getting a coach, a mentor, someone to hold me accountable and it’s not being afraid to ask for help.

But, the common theme through it all? Regards of how big or small the summit is, it all starts with taking the first step…. So, when are you starting your journey?

The Inside Out Coach