Hike. Mind. Set. workshops

Do you struggle with setting yourself up for a positive mindset for your week ahead? Do you find that you are limited in finding the time for self reflection and reconnecting with your thoughts? Then the Hike. Mind. Set. is for you!

With a small, intimate group of people and using the simplicity of nature and the power of coaching, you will enable yourself to take valuable time to realign your thinking and in turn making mind shifts for a positive week ahead for you.

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Hike. Mind. Set. workshops

Corporate outdoor coaching

(individual & team coaching/facilitation)

Are you noticing a decline in employee engagement and employee wellness? With an almost ‘always on’ roadrunner culture, there has never been as much need for employees and teams to disconnect, press pause and return in a different mindset to the corporate world.

Corporate services include:

  • Wellness hikes
  • Self coaching & hike/outdoor workshops
  • Bespoke half and full day workshops
Corporate outdoor coaching

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